What to expect

Note taking and examination of female back

For those who have never been to see an osteopath before the unknown can be a little daunting.

We understand this, so would like to share with you what you can expect.

The initial consultation involves a detailed case history. We will ask about your complaint, how it started and what effects it. We then need to ask about general health matters, medical history and medication, in case they have any bearing on your diagnosis or treatment.

We will then examine you. This often requires the removal of your outer clothing so we advise you to wear comfortable underclothes or shorts.

The examination can involve neurological screening, orthopaedic testing and hands on assessment to locate the problem.

Once found we will go ahead and treat using techniques from soft tissue massage to joint mobilisation and if necessary, an adjustment that can produce the ‘clicking’ that you often hear about.

It is important to us that the treatment be effective and not an unpleasant experience for our patients. Should you feel uncomfortable with anything we do, it is important that you feel free to let us know.

Together we can get you better.




Thank you for your patience.

Our Watford Clinic remains under review
All appointments are available at our Berkhamsted Clinic.


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