Low back pain

Man and woman with back pain

Muscle? Nerve? Joint? Disc? Ligament? Bone? Tendon?

All are common causes of low back and leg pain.

Your pain may have started suddenly or built up over time. It may have started with an obvious reason such as lifting or it may seemingly have come out of nowhere.

By taking the time to question thoroughly and perform a full and detailed clinical examination, we can find out what is causing your pain and discuss your treatment options ALL on your first visit.

Occasionally we need to refer for a scan or back to your GP/Consultant.

Most of the time, however, we can help and start on that first visit.

We are all different, by determining the cause of your back pain we will create an individual treatment plan and together resolve your problem.

Treatment options

Hot and cold compresses – Soft tissue massage; – Gentle articulation of the spine- Specific Joint Adjustments  (often referred to as ‘clicking’ ) – Stretching – Traction – Exercise Programs to strengthen and stabilise – Acupuncture – Kinesiology Taping – Cranial Osteopathy.

LISTEN and find out what help you want.

EXAMINATION to be safe and find the root cause


DISCUSS your options

TREATMENT you are comfortable with

REFER if necessary