Neck & shoulders

various people with neck pain

Neck and shoulder pain is a common complaint.

Often occurring together, it can be difficult to know exactly where the problem lies.

Thorough questioning and detailed examination of ALL the structures of the neck, upper back, the shoulder and arm will enable us to find the source.

We may find a local shoulder joint problem involving impingement of rotator cuff tendons or a shoulder capsulitis (frozen shoulder). We may find a spinal facet joint in the neck referring pain down into the arm or shoulder blade. Or it may be from a disc bulge in the lower neck or a trapped nerve.

This is a complex area involving the spine, the shoulder blade and upper ribs. These structures are put under strain at work, when exercising, relaxing with a book, when driving or sleeping or in front of the laptop.

Depending on the diagnosis and the contributory factors, we will advise and tailor make a treatment for you.

You may need gentle spinal articulation, massage and traction; kinesiology taping to support inflamed tendons; strengthening and stabilising exercises for the upper back; postural advice; recommended pillows; acupuncture for tension; nutritional supplements to help the pain of wear and tear.

Whatever your problem we can.


With 30 years of experience we can help.