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95% of us will experience headaches sometime in our lives.

Most are a mild inconvenience and will resolve with a glass of water, fresh air and a good nights’ sleep. But some do not.

We provide drug free options for common Primary Headache Disorders. If you have had your head pain for more than 6 months we would be delighted to help.

80% Tension Type Headaches

Often associated with the structures of the neck, stress and posture. They can be simple to treat and respond quickly to effective hands on treatment, exercises and acupuncture.

15% Migraines

Migraines are a genetic functional disorder of the nervous system. There is currently no cure. But there is much that can be done to help. Many suffer occasionally and respond well to medication like triptans. Others, however find themselves in a cycle of frequent attacks which have a major impact on their lives. They try a range of treatments and struggle to cope. For those wanting to try drug free treatments, we will navigate you through understanding your migraines, discuss your lifestyle, nutritional supplements and your treatment options. With so many potential contributing factors, we will give a defined treatment plan and realistic expectations.

Treatment with us includes expert care in Cranial osteopathy, Watson technique and Acupuncture.

1% Cephalgias

Cluster Headaches are the most well known of this group of headaches. Fortunately they are by far the smallest group but are the most severe. There are better treatments than ours for theses type of headaches. For this type of headache we will refer on to Specialist Headache Neurologists and more appropriate treatments.

Its never been a better time to be a headache sufferer. The fantastic work of the worldwide medical community over the last decade has given a much better understanding on the causes, the pathophysiology and better treatments.

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